Friday, April 3, 2015

Prizes won on giveaways and contests

Hey everyone, how are you doing today? I'm feeling great this week. 

   I am a very connected and active member of forums (Arduino, Arduino Brazil, ARM community), active twitter user ( @embedded_clovis ) and follower of a bunch of +Google+ channels; all those connections often lead to get to know prize posts, giveaways, contests and all kinds of social activities. 
   Ever since I started being more connected to technology blogs/forums/websites I have entered a bunch of contests, even winning prizes!. The very first of them was a +Freescale FRDM-K64F board (May 2014), which I won by commenting about a project idea on Freescale's Google+. I have used it to develop a weather station datalogger, which can be seen here. The board can be seen below.

   Next prize I have won (around September 2014) was a +HACKADAY Prize T-shirt, due to having my #HackadayPrize project selected to the quarterfinals. The project can be seen in this link, and the T-shirt picture is below.

   The year of 2015 started very well for me, because I have won three prizes so far: the first is the DFRobot's Bluno Beetle, an Arduino-compatible Bluetooth 4.0 board (ATMEGA328+BLE): I proposed a project idea using it, that read "A sensor node for road running (recording variables like GPS position, acelerometer and gyroscope data, temperature, humidity, altitude). My final goal is to generate a DIY road running wrist watch!". Keep tuned on this blog to get along the development of the project. 

   Second prize I have won so far is a NXP LPC4330-Xplorer boand, due to having subscribed to the ARM MCU desing contest, which aims to advertise the power of ARM+Keil short development cycle. The board (seen below) features a dual-core ARM Cortex-M4, making it very good for audio processing.

   Third prize I have won this year is a SAM4L8 Xplained Pro board, featuring an ARM Cortex-M4, on a Prize post at the ARM Embedded Community forum. I have proposed making a DAQ (data acquisition) system; stay tuned in this blog to get along the progress of development. 

   If you guys like, I also have a project on the 2015 Hackaday Prize (#2015HackadayPrize), which is an Open source weather station called FacilTempo, and can be seen here. I appreciate suggestions and critique, as well as new ideas.

FacilTempo weather Station

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