Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mouser space travel challenge

Good afternoon everyone, how is your weekend going so far?

   Today's post is to talk about a challenge I entered: the Mouser Space Travel Challenge; it is a contest where you are asked to submit a picture (and a 100 words text) on what you would send to the moon, of something you think represents today's world. Mouser will pick two winners and send their picture and texts on a SDcard, on the first commercial mission to the moon!. My picture and text can be seen below. The links to vote on my idea are right under the picture.

I would like to send a microcontroller-based weather station to the “Astrobotic’s MoonMail”. The reason is split in two parts: 1) monitoring the weather has always been (and will be even more) important to know and control human pollution levels (by measuring CO2 emissions) and overall global temperature rise; and 2) microcontrollers are an important part of the increasingly automated world we live in: from more efficient refrigerators to geiger counters (used to measure atomic radiation levels), everything uses microcontrollers!. Sending my weather station to the moon would make human essence eternal for ourselves.

If you want to help me out and vote for my idea, you have until 06/05/2015 to do so, in THIS LINK