Friday, February 28, 2014

A dream-embedded programmer

Hi Guys, this is Clovis !

   I am a Electrical Engineering student (3rd year) willing to learn embedded programming of microcontrollers and systems. I`m from Brazil but at this moment I`m living in Vancouver (Canada) as an undergraduate exchange student @ UBC. Besides embedded programming I also love to write down everything that I believe to be worth sharing, and that`s why I just started this Blog!!.
   My plan is to learn embedded systems programming and share every step of this journey with you all, so that we can learn and evolve together. Of course this is only the first post (on a warm friday morning during the north-American winter), but I hope I can share more and more details about my student and professional life with you (in posts to come).
   You must be asking yourself which technology I am going to use in order to learn embedded programming, right?. Well, I decided to start with a Freescale ARM cortex M0+, the Freedom Kinetis E-series platform, just because I had a course in my undergrad studies (Microcontrollers) and I learned hot to program on Freescale environment. Another technology I will be using as well is the FPGA, based on a ALTERA DE2 Educational board; I decided to use it because (again) I am taking a course at UBC (digital systems design EECE353) which teaches us how to synthesize logic circuits in VHDL.
   By the next few days you will start to see some very basic posts regarding my first steps into this huge embedded-programming world. See you guys, 

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